Engine Diagnostics

020 8809 2221
07917 165 773

Top of the range diagnostic equipment

Ensuring no potential issues are missed.

Monitor your engine’s performance

When you’ve had a car for a while, it’s easy to determine when the car doesn’t feel right. If your engine is taking longer than usual to warm up or is making a noise that you’re not familiar with, it may be time to get your engine checked.

The engine diagnostic equipment at London SWS Autocare Ltd can be used for both prevention and the solving of issues. We use the best engine diagnostic equipment available and our highly skilled team of mechanics can easily identify and repair any issues, with the assistance of the engine diagnostic equipment.

We’ll fix any faults with your car

Being without a car is a huge inconvenience. Sometimes you don’t realise how much of an inconvenience it can be until something happens that leaves your car stuck in a garage.

Whilst London SWS Autocare Ltd try their best to ensure the prevention of issues, if an issue does arise, we’re well equipped to deal with it.

We repair and maintain all manner of car components including braking systems, exhausts, car electrics and tyres.

In addition to this, if you’re looking for spare parts to modify or repair your own car, or a second hand car bought from our garage, we can source and provide any part for your car.

To schedule routine engine checks or for a one off, call:020 8809 2221

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